Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Catching up with Reality - LMU Concert

A Hello Goodbye Poster at LMU
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I have been pretty busy this year and after looking through my computer, I noticed I have a large number of photos that I had wanted to blog about. This is the fourth part in a chronological series in which I catch up on the blogs I have missed this last year. So, without further ado...

On March 14, 2008, I attended an exclusive concert at my lil' brother's school LMU(Loyola Marymount University) with some friends and captured some really interesting shots. Wyclef Jean and the band 'Hello Goodbye' performed to a crowd of about 1000 on the lawn, which was very cool, because I got close access to the stage. Also, there were no restrictions on bring my SLR camera, so I was a photo-snapping fool. Unfortunately I wanted to enjoy the Wyclef Jean portion of the show so I was unable to capture any shots of him performing, but I got plenty of cool shots nonetheless. Enjoy!

I'm going to arrange these shots in order of the way they occurred so you can get a feel for how the evening went.

We(Kris and I) arrived at LMU late-afternoon and proceeded to my brother's dorm room.

Kris walking from the Car to my brother's dorm.

My little brother as we arrived.
I ofcourse had the camera all up in his face.

I decided to take a shot of myself in my brother's dirty mirror.

Kris received a phone call from a friend, Al, and we invited him to join us for the show. He called a short while later to let us know he had arrived so we made our way to the parking garage where he was waiting for us. He also brought his SLR with a fisheye lens, so I will be showing some of his shots below.

A shot of me as Al arrives.
Photo courtesy of Al Bueno

A shot of Kris as Al arrives.
Photo courtesy of Al Bueno
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I let Kris snap a shot on my camera as we head toward the show.

Me posing for the camera.
Photo by Kris Zalameda
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Al shoots a creatively composed shot.
Photo courtesy of Al Bueno
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We finally arrived on the lawn and waited, along with a somewhat small crowd for the show to begin.

The infamous Al
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I pose next to a poster for Wyclef Jean
Photo by Kris Zalameda
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The crowd waits in anticipation as Hello Goodbye sets up
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'Hello Goodbye' finally takes the stage

The crowd watches in a trance-like state

I pose for the camera as 'Hello Goodbye' perform in the background

A shot of Kris as he takes a shot of me on his cell phone

Al reviews his shots

We went back to the dorm to put my camera away, so I could enjoy the Wyclef Jean portion of the show.

Me and Al reppin' it during the Wyclef Jean show
Photo by Kris Zalameda
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We watched the rest of the show, and during one point Wyclef came into the crowd which was cool. I was toward the back of the crowd at the time, and all of sudden I see this guy climbing on the table where the sound guys are. At first I was confused, but then I noticed it was Wyclef. I tried to reach out to touch the Superstar, but I could rejected by one of his bodyguards. So close!

We headed back to the dorm room, slightly inebriated, but very happy to have enjoyed such a great exclusive show!

A shot of Kris as he cheers with the bottle

Kris feels his cheers and needs to take a rest

My bro Andi acting a fool

My bro Andi trying to make a statement

All in all it was an AWESOME event and I can't wait for the next exclusive show. It's so nice having a brother go to a rich school that can afford to have these bands come to their school, I will enjoy it as long as I can. Ok gang, 15 more to go. Keep checking back for more!


theresa said...

wow Chris you are very good at this !! and holy cow has your little bro grown up ..... But on of these days when me and robert get married Im going to hire you !!! LOL

Anonymous said...

I like the photos. Where can see some more..

Hi-DOF Photography said...

I am working on my official photo portfolio, so for now this is the place to see all my new shots.