Thursday, October 2, 2008

Catching up with Reality - Kansas Trip

Hello all my loyal blog readers,

I have been pretty busy this year and after looking through my computer, I noticed I have a large number of photos that I had wanted to blog about. This is the first part in a chronological series in which I catch up on the blogs I have missed this last year. So, without further ado...

I visited my friend in Leavenworth, Kansas in December 2007. These are the photos I shot while I was there. Although this is a fairly quick and simple blog entry, I was pretty pleased with the photos I shot of normal things around my friend's home. I never went out with the sole purpose of shooting photography, so considering these are just playing-around pictures, i like them. Enough Disclaimers, check 'em out!

Some sort of cool-looking tapestry hanging on the wall

I have no idea what these things are for. I think it's a thermometer of some kind.

Again, I'm confused, but it makes for some great photos.

My friend was trying to sell her ring online, so I shot a few pictures of it. The artist in me couldn't help but get creative.

A different approach to showing the ring, this time in the case.

A scented candle that was burning on the table.

A different angle of the scented candle that was burning on the table.

This is just the first of 17 new blog posts that I have planned coming up, so make sure to come on back and check it all out pretty soon! (But not until after this weekend; I'm going to Tahoe!)

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I love your jewelry shots, very dramatic =P
The liquid thermometer is really great too!
I'm still working on my blogs too, I have 1 of 3 complete.
I'll keep you posted.