Monday, February 25, 2008

Watch out! Coming through!

This weekend was a very photography-heavy weekend for me! On Saturday February 25, 2008, I traveled to the City of Dana Point to meet my newest model for my portrait assignment. The profile or character I was trying to display is that of a stereotypical longboarder. Below is one of my favorite shots from the shoot. Please click on it to see a larger version.

Also, on Sunday February 26, 2008, I traveled to the city of Victorville, where I had the fortune of watching magic happen on the set of the newest Indigoverse Productions' photo shoot. I will post a link here if Gerry, a.k.a Indigo, posts a blog about the shoot.


Mine said...

Oh my God, what a fantastic shot - full of action and goofiness at the same time - keep going...

nate's keeper said...

Awesome shot! You really take great Pictures.