Monday, February 25, 2008

Photography DIY Mania!

DIY Flash Diffuser by Matt Greer Photography

Below is a list of links to DIY projects that I have found while surfing the net. I have categorized them by items you can build, since some items have various ways of being made. I did not write any of these DIY articles. I am simply organizing and categorizing the best of the DIY articles I have found.

If you know of any other DIY articles or categories that you recommend, please add a comment. Also please add a comment if you have ever made any photography DIY projects and how well they performed.

Expodisc Alternative


Off-Camera Flash Diffuser

Flash Stand


Light Snoot

Reflector Stand

Gridded Snoot

Backdrop Mount

LED Light Drawing Pens

Remote Shutter Release

Floor Lit Table Top Studio

Beauty Dish



Strip Light

Macro Ringflash

French Window Gobo

Strobe Clamp

Gorillapod(Sort of)



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onno david said...

Your explanation was very easy to read and understand. This is a grate photography DIY projects. Thanks for the opportunity.